Domain Registration

What is DNS (domain name server)?
“DNS” stands for the “Domain Name Server”. Sometimes, this acronym is used to mean the “Domain Name Service”. A domain name is one of the familiar names that you type into your web browser, such as ” “, or ” “. These names are familiar and easy for a human to remember. When you type in one of these names into your web browser, your web browser attempts to connect to the website you specified. To make this connection, your web browser first needs to obtain the IP address of the target website. An IP address is like a phone number for a computer. It takes the form of four numbers separated by periods (e.g. Every computer on the Internet has at least one of these IP addresses. When you type ” ” into your browser, your browser needs to look up the IP address of . It needs a “directory service” to look up the IP address from the name. The Directory service that your computer uses to look up IP addresses from domain names is called the “Domain Name Service”, or “DNS”.

Why do I need to register a domain name?
Without a domain name, most likely your website is in the form of . Not only is this hard to remember, but it is hardly likely to compete with a proper domain name in the “find ability stakes”. Having your own domain name is essential to your marketing efforts. Listing on your business cards, and letterhead gives your company a professional look.
Can I reserve my domain name before my site is completely ready to be put online?
Absolutely! Data Infocom will put up a temporary web page until you are ready to develop your website. This is also known as “Domain Parking”.

How long can my domain name be, and what characters can I use?
A Domain Name can contain up to 67 letters and may contain letters, numbers and hyphens (-). No spaces or any other characters are allowed.
How can I check if my desired domain name is available?
You can check to see if your Domain Name is available using the search on this site.
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