About us

With clear vision and determination, we ascribe to our conviction. We march ahead to break pigeonholes. We achieve customer and employee satisfaction. We guard your faith. We interpret technology according to your needs. We challenge ourselves to innovate for you. We strive to deliver proficiency at your desk. We explore possibilities to make them realities. We dream around you. It takes a little more than conviction to make these dreams true. We do it. Some call us path-breakers, some different. We like to call ourselves Technically Ingenious.

We are Data Ingenious Global Limited

Data Ingenious Global Limited is a pioneer in IT Services in India with expertise in Internet, Networking, Web Technology, Software consultancy with services significantly Broadened to meet the all-time more sophisticated business and technology needs of today’s global environment and seeking to revolutionize the way people use the Internet to communicate, conduct business, gain information, and carry out transactions.

Our success journey started in the year 1999 in Rajasthan in India. Rajasthan was an IT sleepy destination when we began our services & the future of the IT industry was very unpredictable so of Data Ingenious Global Limited here in Rajasthan. But today Company has carved a niche for itself in the competitive information technology world and offering services successfully to more than 2.5 lac internet subscriber & 250+ corporate in India & abroad.

According to the latest TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority in India) report, we have enjoyed the position of the 6th Largest Internet Service Provider in India. We also offer high tech services like Dialup, Broadband, ISDN, WLL and Leased Circuits. We also possess years of experience in developing solutions for VPN, Extranet, Internet, Network Solutions, and e-commerce including payment gateway. It has VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), WAP (Wireless Application Protocol), UMS (Unified Messaging Services), Call Centers and Transcriptions.

Key to our success

The most important factor contributing to the success of Data Ingenious Global Limited is the mutual trust between the client, team and the management of the Company

Our process-centric approach to projects, our people, our work culture all combine to form a close relationship with our customers which helps us deliver software and applications that are successful even before they are launched. Our customers know this very well and opt to stay with us for years. That’s why most of our major customers are our oldest customers, over six years since we signed our first contract with them!

The second factor that is needed for success is the proper knowledge management and we stand as a leader with this concern also.

Data Ingenious Global Limited Jaipur Campus Building

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