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Power Points and Flash :Presentations echoes the true picture of a meticulous product. The presentations presented in the site, of each product, represent the features of the products faultlessly.

Particular Description Size Download
Data Ingenious Global Limited Data Ingenious Global Limited Profile 1.10 MB
Data Ingenious Global Limited Data Ingenious Global Limited Global Profile 887 KB
Data Ingenious Global Limited Data Ingenious Global Limited capabilities / showcase presentation 5.0 MB
Data Group Group Profile 12.08 MB
XgenPlus Worlds”s Most Advanced Email Server software 2.70 MB
Spamjadoo Dashboard Interface (spamjadoo) 6.41 MB
Spamjadoo Antispam and Email Privacy software 4.48 MB
CMS Call Center Solution for JVVNL 1.48 MB
Documents: Documents are written bible for a particular product or service. Under the shade of this site one can easily browse detailed and illustrated information regarding the products and services.
Particular Description Size Download
Spamjadoo Powered by Spamjadoo Brochure 16.86 KB
XGenPlus Product Description  ( 374.00 KB
CMS User Manual CMS 2.01 MB
XBand XBand Feature List 62.00 KB
XBand XBand User Manual 2.22 MB
Developed Software/Tools: Software’s Products Designed available for Trial
Particular Description Size Download
Spamjadoo Antispam and Email Privacy Technology 10 MB ||
XGenPlus World”s Most Advanced Email Server 11 MB | |
Email Extractor from MS Outlook Extracts all email address from Outlook 12 MB  
DATA Cineplax The software has been developed to automate the system of Cinema Hall. It maintains the seating arrangement of the cinema hall, movie details, and show details and with major feature of booking. The software provides window ticket booking, booking on phone, complimentary ticket booking, seat reservation, ticket cancellation and much more. 7.53 MB
DATA Dialer DATA Dialer is a multi functional dialer. It is compatible with all ISP”s and as a special feature one can directly send email, check emails, conduct search etc. without going to the particular web site. 1.30 MB
DATA Monitor DATA Monitor is a time saving product for all institutions. It manages timetables with least of puzzlement; it plans a timetable avoiding duplication, informs on free teachers for substitution and standardizes teacher’s workload per day. 13.30 MB
DATA Obedient DATA Obedient manages school registrations, records student history, fee, transport details etc. It is powerful and yet easy-to-use system for efficient record keeping and communication with students, families and staff of any size school. 19.40 MB
DATA Payroll DATA Payroll takes care of the payroll system of the organization. It automatically calculates the allowances, deductions, loans and generates the salaries of all employees. The system maintains the salary generation in a very efficient manner. 5.73 MB
DATA Shelves DATA Shelves seeks to cope with new patterns of information necessities with a rising database of subjects and authors by bringing about best practice in Library Management. 12.60 MB



Fresh UI :

Fresh UI is tweaker”s heaven:With it you can changes scores of settings in XP, many of which you probably never knew existed. Want to alter any aspect of the Windows interface? Go ahead. Customize the Start menu? No problem. Change global menu settings and dozens of network and internet settings? You can do them all, and a whole lot more.

Tweak and Tune :

This freebie doesn”t have as many options and tools as fresh UI does, but it”s simple to use and well laid out. It is extremely simple to use for anyone who wants a straightforward approach to tweaking.

EasyBCD :

Another BCD editor, this one is great for setting up a machine with Vista and other operating systems, such as Linux or XP. Setting up and configuring Windows boot entries is simple, and there is no easier way to quickly boot right into Linux, Mac OS X, or BSD straight from the Windows Vista boot loader – on the fly.

Clean My Registry :

This Registry cleaner will not show you quite as much information as TweakNow does, but it is fast and it does a good job of sweeping away the junk.

Belarc Advisor :

If you”re looking for an exquisitely detailed audit of your hardware, this is the download you need. The program starts with the basics, such as the computer manufacturer, installed RAM, hard-disk size, and processor type and speed. But it also shows you the motherboard maker, hard-disk manufacturer, chassis serial number, PC service tag, bus type and speed, multimedia devices…the list goes on.

SpeedFan :

This must-have for serious over-clocker touts itself as a monitor for your system”s temperature and fan speed. The real reason it”s worthwhile is that it lets you easily overclock your PC and adjust the fan speed so it doesn”t overheat.

TweakNow RegCleaner Standard :

The registry is a scary place and TweakNow Reg-Cleaner Standard is your virtual Virgil, a guide into the depths of the registry and reveals problems. After you examine the changes and tell the software to do its magic, it cleans the registry for you.






uTorrent :

uTorrent is a standalone app and is extremely small in size. But that does not compromise on features.

Trillian :

Like Meebo, Trillion lets you log into multiple instant messaging systems simultaneously. The difference is that it”s a download, not a Web site.

Yahoo Messenger :

One of the earlier IM services, this software has gotten more attractive with group videoconferencing, emoticons, and sounds.

Google Talk :

Though Google Talk doesn”t have the big installed base of other instant messaging systems, its clean, simple interface and voice features make it a good choice.

Kundli Lite 3.0 Astrology Software


Pando :

This peer-to-peer software lets you easily send and receive large files through e-mail or instant messaging clients. The utility is particularly helpful because most ISPs have size limitations for sending or receiving e-mail file attachments.

Google Desktop:

Google has done more than just conquer the Internet-with Google Desktop it has conquered your PC as well. The program brings the same kind of  fast ,accurate searching to your desktop that Google does to the web. It searches as you type and displays the results in your browser. One nice touch When the program is installed and you search via the Google Website, the result will also include those from your computer.



Speed Up the Web Web Accelerator


Total PDF Converter


OFFICE SUITES AND WORD PROCESSORS ,the free competitor to Microsoft Office is a complete suite, it provides a word processor a spreadsheets a presentation program ,a database  and for ubergeeks , mathematical function calculator (but if you have to ask what it is you don”t need it.)

EditPad Lite:

This text editor opens multiple file (each in its own tab), open files of any size , and allows you unlimited undo and redo -in other words, it has everything that Notepad doesn”t”

Easy To-Do :

With this small, simple download you can quickly create and track to-do lists.

Portable Application Suite Lite 1.0


PDF Creator GPL Ghostscript



Google Picasa Snapfire:

Snapfire juggles all your images editing management and sharing tasks with ease.

DVD Shrink:

If you have ever attempted to make a backup copy of DVD movies to a DVD-R, you”ve probably discovered that you can”t do it because DVD movie disc are dual-layer and have more data than can fit on a recordable disc. DVD Shrink solves the problem by compressing the DVD data, letting you make the copy fit on a DVD.


this surprisingly powerful image editing and manipulation program includes unlimited undo and special effects, and even provides the ability to work in layers.


Amount other things, iTunes offers MP3 and pristine-quality AAC-encoding from audio CDs, smart playlist, burning custom playlist to CDs and MP3 CDs and of course, transfer music to your iPod.


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