What is an ISP?
ISP, short for Internet Service Provider is your connection to the web. There are different levels of ISPs. The big ones have their own network just like the big long distance companies. As a matter of fact, the long distance companies are among the biggest Internet service provider. There are smaller ISPs that do not have their own network. They either rent or re-sell the connectivity of the big ones. However, as far as connections go, you are connected pretty much the same way no matter who you chose.
What is DNS (domain name server)?
“DNS” stands for the “Domain Name Server”. Sometimes, this acronym is used to mean the “Domain Name Service”. A domain name is one of the familiar names that you type into your web browser, such as “www.microsoft.com”, or “www.cnn.com”. These names are familiar and easy for a human to remember. When you type in one of these names into your web browser, your web browser attempts to connect to the website you specified. To make this connection, your web browser first needs to obtain the IP address of the target website. An IP address is like a phone number for a computer. It takes the form of four numbers separated by periods (e.g. Every computer on the Internet has at least one of these IP addresses. When you type “http://www.microsoft.com” into your browser, your browser needs to look up the IP address of www.microsoft.com. It needs a “directory service” to look up the IP address from the name. The Directory service that your computer uses to look up IP addresses from domain names is called the “Domain Name Service” or “DNS”.
What if I forget my password ?
You can check for the detailed procedure atforgot password
Which are the hosting servers ?
Our servers include Linux, Windows 2000, and Windows NT.
Do you also support web-development?
Yes, we have a team of developers dedicated to serve you for the cause.
Can I know my Usage status?
Yes, log on to Usage Status to check your usage status.
Can I receive mails from my accounts at other sites?
You can check for the detailed procedure at http://signup.datainfosys.net
Is there a provision for changing the password?
Yes, you have to log on to the following page and enter the required information Retrieve Password
What are the internet-access facilities available?
The internet can be accessed by either Dial-up connection, ISDN, WLL and Leased Lines.
Can I re-new my account on-line?
Yes, you can do it at ReNew
How Data Ingenious Global Limited Dialup is better than others?
Data Ingenious Global Limited dialup Internet service offers you a host of services like Internet access, fax via system anywhere in the world, sms@ just Rs.0.50 per via pc in one single pack. Currently no other ISP provider has clubbed such above-mentioned features with their Internet access card in India. Apart from these we have an around the clock Customer Care Centre to provide the assistance required. No other ISP is offering 24hrs customer care in Rajasthan.
What is contention or a contention ratio?
To provide a cost effective service – all services are contended (shared). These contention ratios are applied as below:

S. No. Services Max. Contention Ratio for Home Users Max. Contention Ratio for Business Users
1 Dial-up








High Bandwidth




Leased Line



If you are not getting the speed you expect, it can be due to the contention ratio but also too many other factors including the congestion at the remote site you are accessing.

What all I need to use a dialup connection?
To connect to the Internet you need a local landline access, a modem and a internet connection. The rates for the Internet connection will be as per the category you choose. And the telephone rate please contact your basic service provider for the charges.
What is ISDN Dialup?
Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) is a system of digital phone connections. This system lets data to be transmitted simultaneously across the world using end-to-end digital connectivity.
What is net telephony?
Net telephony means making a call via pc/device through VOIP technology. The advantage of Net telephony is the ability to place long-distance phone calls at very cheaper charges than regular ISD call.
What is DataFax?
DataFax is email to fax card, which allows you to send your faxes to any fax machine anywhere in the world.
What is Myxgen?
X-Gen is Worlds Most Advanced Email and relationship management service that will improve vastly your response levels. It is a thin enhanced email client that deals both with security and virus issues. It also incorporates much-needed new feature, which you have always wished for. www.xgen.in
What is ZOOOM +?
ZOOOM + is a Speed accelerator software, its exclusive technology makes ordinary dial-up connections typically seem up to 5 times faster. Unlike other speed accelerators only ZOOOM + delivers more than speed, it completely remove unwanted pop up, pop under and exit windows and gives the parental control to decide what a user can see or can’t see on Internet. http://zoom.dil.in
What is SPAM Jadoo?
SPAM Jadoo is a antispam application that stops spam before its ever sent in your email inbox. SPAM Jadoo is the only product that kills spam at source itself whereas all other anti-spam products filter spam and file it. You still have to review and delete. www.spamjadoo.com
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