SPAMJadoo- Antispam solution

What is SPAMJadoo?
SPAMJadoo is a antispam application that stops spam before its ever sent in your email inbox. SPAMJadoo is the only product that kills spam at source.
How is this different and better than everything else out there?
Everyone else only filters spam. You still have to review all the email that got marked as spam. We never even allow spam to be sent so there”s nothing for you to review. This is the only product on the market that really stops spam.
Will this work with my email software like Outlook, Eudora or Entourage?
YES! SPAMJadoo works with ANY email client because it installs at the mail server level, which also means there”s no software you need to install. If your ISP has SPAMJadoo, YOU can have The Titan Key!
How do users control the product?
SPAMJadoo is controlled by a Web interface that supports end-user, domain administrators, and server administrators. Practically everything is run from the Web. Most of the control, however, is automatic, as SPAMJadoo builds its database from user policies and email sent and received.
Where can I see this product details?
To know about this product in detail you may login to

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