ICT Education

Education: “to educate,” In the middle of the year 1999, DIL movinducated more than Thirty Thousand students and teachers across India.

DIL is engaged in providing IT Education and Services across several industry verticals. Has a proven track record of successful execution of complex, long-term and high-value IT Solutions in all sectors on a bespoke development, BOO or BOT basis. DIL was also among few companies in India who launched IT Education for Schools (ITEFS) which was designed to provide basic computer education to the students in schools and institutions have awareness in the high-growth IT sector.

DIL got several partners around India with entities that have high credibility in their area of specialization for the fulfillment of its business objectives.DIL has given IT training to more than 15000 Govt. school teachers under SSA and REI for Gvot. Of Rajasthan.

Transforming ICT Education

Empowering Communities
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