Facility / Infrastructure

Data Ingenious Global Limited - Environmental Friendly Office

A substantial effort has been made to make our new office Environmental friendly by conserving natural resources and promoting reusability. The Salient Features are as follows

  • Reusable and pollution free flooring with non-toxic preservatives.
  • Reusable formaldehyde-free Modular Furniture
  • Energy Conservation through Green UPS from Tata Liebert.
  • Enery Conservation through Energy Star Compliant PCs, Printer, Photocopies etc.
  • Energy Saving CFl lights.
  • Microwave heating instead of use of LPG or electric Heating
  • Air Curtains to create pollution free environment
  • Massive plantation of about 50% of total space.
  • Remote parking of vehicles to cut the inflow of emissions into office space
  • Natural lighting through windows
  • use of blinds and solar film to reduce solar gain in summer and save on air conditioning costs
  • Supply of organic foods to staff and guests
  • Minium use of chlorine free paper and work on electronic data and document flow.
  • Safe CFC free cleaners for the entire office – vegetable cleaning agent (VCA”s)

Data Ingenious Global Limited Head Office and Development Center
15,000 Sq Ft Environment Friendly Facility

Your are proud member of Data family Please support by keeping your place clean.


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