Broadband Access

Can existing modem be used for broadband connection?
Most of the modems used for Internet are dial-up modems. They cannot be used for broadband connections. Broadband connections require special ADSL Modems. These modems can be purchased from market very easily.
What types of ports are required on Computer for connecting the ADSL Modem?
“The ADSL Modem has an Ethernet Port and USB Port for connectivity to computer. Either of the ports can be used for connection. The availability of either of these ports should be confirmed before registering the Broadband connection.
Whether customer can use any ISPs email ID?
Customer can use any of the web based mail services, however the use of SMTP server is ISP Policy dependent and should be clarified from the email service provider.
What is the average download of data per hour in case the connection is used for surfing as well as downloading?
Average download of data would be about 100 MB per hour on connection supporting speeds upto 256 kbps.
How user will know about his usage?
The usage can be monitored by keeping track of data flowing through the Ethernet Port / USB Port. Also, using some software tools track of usage can be kept.
Whether surfing of sites is counted as download? What is meant by unlimited Hours plans in tariff?
Yes, surfing of sites is also counted as download. By Unlimited hours it is meant that the connection can be used for any length of time during the validity period of pack. An unlimited pack does not have any data transfer limit as in case of GB limit plan.
What is meant by the GB limit plans?
All the packs under GB plans have the particular data transfer limit as per the category chosen. The data limit calculation will be based on the amount of data downloaded. Any data, which is coming to the PC through Triband (ADSL) Modem is download.
For example: 128kbps, validity 1-month plan with 2GB limit has the data transfer limit of 2GB.The connection gets expired after the data limit of 2GB gets finished.
Where customer has to contact for any failure of connections or service related complaints?
Customer can contact us at our around the clock customer care at +91 9828012345 and book their complain. Please do take the complain number for the reference in future.
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