Wi Fi Services

Wireless Fidelity, is freedom. Freedom from cable chains. It allows you to connect to the Internet from just about anywhere. And the best thing of all, it’s speed access, which is more and more faster than a cable broadband & regular dial-up connection.
We offer WiFi access for hotels, business corporate, homes and airports. We provide fixed wireless access also and serving this solution at more than thousands locations already.

Benefits of fixed wireless access:


Mobility & Flexibility

Wireless technology is more flexible than cable LANs. It allows the network to go where wires cannot go thus mobility supports productivity and service opportunities not possible with wired networks.


Over the long run, WLANs cost less to own and maintain versus wired LANs. While the initial investment required for WLAN hardware can be higher than the cost of a wired LAN, overall installation expenses, maintenance costs, and life-cycle costs are significantly lower.

Less Downtime

This is the key reason why internet users are appreciating this solution, as you don’t need to wait to connect on net and also no hitch of getting disconnected due to cable issues as in case of wired LANs


Experience the net at whopping speed and enjoy surfing, downloading, music, games and much more.

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