Net Telephony

What is net telephony?
Net telephony means making a call via pc/device through VOIP technology. The advantage of Net telephony is the ability to place long-distance phone calls at very cheaper charges than regular ISD call.
What is VOIP?
VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. This new technology allows phone calls to be made over the Internet by converting analog audio signals to digital data and switched as packet then several packets travel over internet protocol simultaneously.
What is the difference between an ISD call and Net telephony call?
An ISD call is made using the services of a basic telephone provider whereas with Datafone calling card you may make international calls via pc at very affordable prices.
To check the prices you may visit
Does it cost cheaper to talk over International destinations with Datafone card via pc than a regular basic telephone?
DataFone is very affordable solution to call at international destinations. Now you can call US, UK, Canada just at Rs. 1.40
Whether customer can use any ISPs internet service to use Datafone card?
Yes, Datafone card can be used with any ISPs connection.
How user will know about his usage of the datafone card?
User may login into his account at to check his account status.
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