Programming Platforms

There has been a big surge of new programming requirements for programmers with the massive expansion and development in smartphones and other handheld computing devices like tablets and phablets. They provide varied programming platforms and also the applications that are developed, need to be integrated in the different operating systems running the mobiles.

The need for developing applications across a variety of programming platforms is necessary for developing some utility applications, games as well as webpages and other multimedia apps to serve either a specific mobile OS or be open for cross platform usage.

While programming languages like C/C++ or PHP are needed, there is also huge requirement for .NET, Java and J2EE. Since most programmers use PC to design and develop most of these applications, Windows SDK plays a vital role in developing apps, as well as C#.NET, XML and also Microsoft Visual C++.

The change in the business environment and technology has been overwhelming. It has not only become complex and dynamic, IT security has also become another most important factor guiding modern day business and information technology. We have one of the most dedicated team of experts that specialise in every aspect of these concerns.

They have in depth knowledge about a broad spectrum of technologies as well as programming platforms. This allows them to design and develop the most comprehensive solutions, irrespective of your present solutions and infrastructure if any. They are also extremely talented and creative in designing and developing some of the most engaging and effective applications for a variety of mobile platforms as well as cross platform use.

While developing apps for a lengthy variety of screen sizes, different configurations and their different hardware specifications, a number of things are to be considered. Most of these applications are pre installed in handheld devices as well as some that can be downloaded and installed in devices. The programmers need to keep in mind, the various small differences among the variety of platforms themselves. Our expert team has the most talented programmers who excel in C/C++, Java, PHP, J2EE and similar other programming languages.

They also use Windows SDK or other development kits as well as C#.NET, .NET frameworks, XML. Microsoft Visual C++ is also used for developing some of the most interesting apps. We design apps that not only can be proprietary but can also be freely downloaded from different sources. All apps are designed and developed in our labs using all these programming softwares along with a lot of imagination and creativity. The apps range from utility softwares as well as games among others.

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