Integrated Services Digital Network

is a system of digital phone connections. This system lets data to be transmitted simultaneously across the world using end-to-end digital connectivity.


  • Available in 64K or 28K
  • Available as Limited or Unlimited Access

Benefits of ISDN:

  • ISDN has very high stability
  • Dial-up ISDN can be turned on or off, allowing more flexibility for users
  • The amount of time it takes for a communication to begin on an ISDN line is typically about half the time of an analogue line, this improves response time for interactive applications.
S.No. Package Hours Validity Charges Rs.
64 Kbps 28 Kbps
1 NET ISDN 00 00 6 Months Rs ,999/- Rs 3,999/-
2 NET ISDN 500 500 2 Months Rs 4,999/- Rs 9,999/-
3 NET ISDN 000 000 2 Months Rs 9,999/- Rs 9,999/-
4 NET ISDN NL No-Limit Month Rs 3,999/- Rs 7,999/-
5 NET ISDN 6 NL No-Limit 6 Months Rs 5,999/- Rs 3,999/-
6 NET ISDN 2 NL No-Limit 2 Months Rs 29,999/- Rs 59,999/-
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