Hosted Email Solution

At DIL, we understand that eMail is your lifeline, it is THE killer app for business. That is why we offer our business grade eMail service with all of our hosting plans. In fact, many of our customers purchase our other service for the eMail service alone. We are confident that our eMail hosting service and related mail services will meet or exceed your expectations.Click here to know Top 10 Reasons to Outsource your emails or choose from the following options to get started for emails on your own domain

  • Xgen Starter


    Best for starter teams

    • 1 Email Id
    • 1GB Mail space
    • Personilized domain name
  • XGEN Premium


    Best for starter teams

    • 1 Email Id
    • 5GB Mail space
    • Personilized domain name
  • XGEN Advance


    Best for starter teams

    • 1 Email Id
    • 10GB Mail space
    • Personilized domain name
  • XGEN Platinum


    Best for starter teams

    • 1 Email Id
    • 100GB Mail space
    • Personilized domain name

*GST Extra


  • Monitoring of all receivied and sent emails of any user.
  • Virus protection.
  • IP based Security with last Login IP, Date & Time and Intruder detection.
  • Block SPAM and mails from undesired Domains along with rules.
  • Secured SMTP - SSL,TLS and CRAM-MD5 support
  • Secured POP server - SSL

SMS (Short Messaging Service)

  • Group SMS to the addressbook.
  • Instant SMS to GSM/CDMA. (see the operator compatibility)
  • E-CRM ready and Database mail Engine.
  • Message Filtering & Redirection to SMS.
  • Alert on Mobile based on unlimited rules.

Virtual Storage

  • Xgen plus provides virtual storage facility , that prevents SMTP server limitation for size and effective use of email space. Keep important document always available with you.

POP3, IMAP Support

  • Use of industry standard protocols allow download of mails using Outlook, Thunderbird, Eudora or any other standard mail client
  • Mails can be stored on the server and / or download to the client.
  • Personal Folders can also be synchronized in between WEB client and Email client.

Interaction and Sharing Emails

  • Keeps record of interaction for every message.
  • List of New Mails, Read Mails, Yesterdays mail, Today's mails, Replied mails, Forwarded mails, High Priority mails, mails which have Attachments, Reply Awaited mails.
  • Share folders with any other user across the domain on the server.
  • Multiple Emails forwarding facility as one document.
  • Quick Access to Compose / Reply and Reply all.


  • Group Mailing / Personalized Mail System
  • Fax via E-Mail without Fax machine
  • Send Flash SMS without Mobile Phone.
  • Virus Protection from any Worms and Trojan Horses
  • Block SPAM and mails from undesired domains along with Rules
  • IP based Security with last Login IP, Date & Time
  • ‘Smart Attachments’ - Send Link
  • Message Filtering & Redirection to FAX / SMS
  • Keeps history/interaction of your every message
  • Mails Reminder
  • Rich Text Composes
  • Last 10 Login Details with facility of detecting Multiple logins of warning after 10 logins
  • Create Multiple Domain for Mails Handling
  • Digital Signature ( Scanned Image of Signature/Logo)
  • Facility to Block Domain and addresses
  • Incoming / Outgoing Mail size restriction.
  • File Type Attachment restriction (ie : doc, xls, exe)
  • Address book Import / Export facility.
  • Strong password security
  • Single Click Backup and Restore of Mail Boxes.
  • Filter Email Based on Content.
  • Shared Calendar and Scheduling
  • IP and Host Screening, Address Suppression
  • Auto Complete email address while composing


  • Customised / Branded login screen.
  • Give System Messages and Alerts Facility to configure automatic downloading at regular intervals , with specified mail size and option to download
  • unlimited size mails, for selective users (Top priority users)
  • Restrict junk mails by Spam control
  • Admin Section For Handling and Monitoring Users.
  • Creating User account through Admin Control Panel
  • Storage Capacity (Available Up to 1000 MB for each user)
  • Facility for fetching external POP mails
  • Global Address Book
  • Set Message Rules
  • Create Multiple Domain for Mails Handling
  • Owner Account to Activate Monitoring on Employees.
  • Automated forwards of mails to local users depending on the fields: ‘To’, ’From’ and ‘Subject’
  • Facility to monitor mail-Q and delete unwanted mails from mail-Q, if required
  • Facility to view the sent and received mail statistics for the user
  • Advance Mailing List

The following new features have been added in Xgen Webmail.


The company has announced a new tool called 'Scheduler’ that is designed to help Email users create their daily task/meeting reminder list. 'Scheduler’ sits in the same kind of Window as emails, so is accessible while users read email, use the search function or do other tasks. To add Schedule or Reminder, click the Scheduler and and your task and choose the medium through which you needs the alert from EMAIL,SMS or POPUP.

Share Scheduled Task

If you click on the Mail Icon on the right side of the task, the task will automatically get converted into ICS format and get added as attachment in email. You can send the email to anybody. IF the recipient is using XGEN,Outlook , Thunderbird or any email client which supports task / scheduler, it will be added into that automatically.

Recall Mail

If you just realised that you sent an email without attachment or to a wrong person in the organization or missed some content to write into that email. Just relax, now you can recall this message back. This features works on the email sent to the users on the same server (multiple domains supported), and emails may be recalled till the recipient has not read it. Just go to Sent folder, open the email u want to recall, and click on Recall Mail option.

Advance Search

Now you can search an email on the basis of its size, attachment name and attachment type. Just go to Advance Search option and use the option in drop down list of WHERE search criteria.

Quick Reply and Fwd

Enable the Right Click Menu from the settings page and when you login next time, you will be able to see have a menu on the press of Right click on any email on Email List page and do Quick and Fwd action as you desire. Very cool way to do repetitive tasks.

Uni que Features

Forward Many

Now you can forward any number of emails to one email id in a formatted manner. Try it out this unique feature, not available in other email server.

Auto Search

In TO, CC or BCC whenever you try press a key, by default you will be displayed all the email id who`s first name is starting from that character. Now, you may search that character in Last Name, Email Id and Domain name. You may very well change the default search from First Name to Email address from yoru own settings option. Try it out. By the way, its again a XgenOnly feature and no other email service provides this facility.


If you want to take action on any particular email later, just click on [+] near to the subject and a shortcut will get created and a link for shortcut will be also displayed to retrieve that email directly. This feature will save lots of time to search a email and also helps you to remind to take action. Very very cool? is`t it ?

Save to [folder]

Now while sending an email, you may choose to save email in any folder of your choice instead of "Sent" folder. This feature is important when you want to have one particular communication organized in one particular folder.


We spent 20 minutes writing this email, and then the browser crashed or we clicked another link to open something else and all matter written in compose GONE. Now you can relax and Good thing there`s auto-save. It saves. Automatically and u can retrieve it from Draft folder. Xgen updates any changes in that email AUTOMATICALLY every minute.

Unshare Folder

If somebody shares his folder with you and you dont it to be shown into your list, go to folders option and Click on the icon on the left side so that folder can be unshared. The folder will not be shown to you in the folders list after unsharing it.

Delivery Report

Now you can click on "Delivery Report" on compose page and when the email gets delivered to the receipient email server, you will get a delivery report automatically via email.

Performance Imrovement on POP Access

If you are using POP access from xgen Server you will notice significant improvent in receiving the email in your email client (outlook / thunderbird). We have achieved 26 email per second speed on outlook express and 28 on thunderbird. Enjoy the speed now.
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