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Broadband is the common term for a high bandwidth internet connection on which you can send or download information many times faster, thus enables you to browse, check your email and do all other online activities more quickly and more easily.
Data Ingenious Global Limited Limited is India’s One of the largest ISP and North India’s highest provider of wireless Broadband service that explores the true potential of the Internet. DIL offers high speed; high quality, low cost and easy to use Internet connection in two categories: Unlimited and GB Limit Hi-Speed Plans. DIL broadband keeps pace with the new, fast, and ever-changing world of Internet needs. The need to get easy, quick and uninterrupted access to net is a reality with DIL Broadband.

We facilitate you
  • “Always on” Internet access
  • Connectivity Through wireless thus no Telephone or modem required.
  • Customers and suppliers, friends and family – all are just a click away through email or instant messaging.
  • No surprise costs or restrictions, Highly affordable
  • Super fast browsing speed
  • View complex and graphic-rich Web sites virtually instantly.
  • Make international calls using our legal VoIP services.
  • Download music, animations and video clips faster than ever.
  • Play interactive games at top speed against gamers around the world.
  • Enjoy uninterrupted access to Internet radio and other real time services.
  • Double speed in Night free on your existing plans.

Expecting for Best TECHNOLOGY, Call for DIL BROADBAND

Broadband is the latest and fastest mode of connecting to browse over the world of the Internet.
The ordinary dial-up connection uses the telephone line to connect to the Internet and has its own inherent disadvantages since the telephone line cannot support high-speeds.
On the other hand, Broadband does not depend on the telephone line and is capable of carrying very ‘heavy’ packets on the Internet and at incredible speeds. Hence, with a High Speed Broadband connection, there is a lot that you can do on the Internet which you can never do using an ordinary dial-up connection; like watching videos, downloading heavy files, downloading songs, voice chat, web-cam, etc.
To provide world class Broadband services DIL uses the latest technology called ‘fixed wireless which uses a fixed device called the subscriber-unit. Mounted on the roof of a user building, this device connects to the closest Data Ingenious Global Limited Central site that sends and receives signals. The result: Amazing internet speeds which do not depend upon telephone line quality as in the case of a Dial-up connection.
With DIL Broadband you can also experience latest Internet telephony and video conferencing with crystal clear clarity.
So what you are waiting for to experience fastest broadband speeds call or email us now.


Unique Attractions

    • Porn Free Internet Services on demand.
    • Shielding kids and your staff from Internet porn

“Be assured that we will help and ensure that your office staff and yours child’s online experience remains positive”

Access E-mail at LAN Speed

When you will access the most advance email account which is full of email governance that comes free with every DIL broadband connection you will experience a speed which you avail while accessing your emails hosted over your LAN.


Over DIL broadband you can anytime get your office and home converted in to a wifi zone and experiences the same high speed internet in any part of your home and office in a most economical manner.


Tariff for DIL Broadband

Up to 4 Mbps Broadband Plans

Plan Name Fair Usage Policy Validity (Months) Monthly Rental(Rs.) After Speed(FUP) Activation Charge
Data 1 25 GB 1 Month 899 512 kbps 500
Data 2 50 GB 1 Month 1499 512 kbps 500
Data 3 75 GB 1 Month 1999 512 kbps 500
Data 4 120 GB 1 Month 2999 512 kbps 500

Up to 8 Mbps Broadband Plans

Plan Name Fair Usage Policy Validity (Months) Monthly Rental (Rs.) After Speed(FUP) Activation Charge
Data 1 25 GB 1 Month 1199 Up to 1 mbps unlimited 500
Data 2 50 GB 1 Month 1999 Up to 1 mbps unlimited 500
Data 3 75 GB 1 Month 2499 Up to 1 mbps unlimited 500
Data 4 120 GB 1 Month 3999 Up to 1 mbps unlimited 500

Total Unlimited Tariff Plan

Plan Name Access Speed Monthly Rental (Rs.) Data Usage Activation Charge
Data 1M Unlimited* Up to 1 Mbps 1499 Unlimited 500
Data 2M Unlimited* Up to 2 Mbps 2799 Unlimited 500
Data 4M Unlimited* Up to 4 Mbps 5299 Unlimited 500
Data 8M Unlimited* Up to 8 Mbps 7499 Unlimited 500

New Night Tariff Plan

Plan Name Access Speed Monthly Rental (Rs.) Data Usage Activation Charge
Data – Night 8PM to 8AM 1 Mbps 500 Unlimited 500

Customer Care Centre is also available around the clock to provide any assistance required. So please call at +91 9828012345 or mail at
Call +91 98280-12345, +91 98280-15000, +91 98280-64490 or Mail at
*Terms & Conditions apply.
*Bandwidth speed indicated is as per TRAI Guidelines, up to our ISP
*Prices May change without your Notice.
* Installation Charge & GST charges will be extra

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